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The Mermaid Bride

May 6, 2012 15 comments

This poem is in response to The Mag image below:



This got me thinking about a river flowing to the ocean and the following salty tale ensued:




Well, I sits on the beach

Just a’watchin the tide

And mourns o’er the loss

O’ my sweet mermaid bride


On the schooner “Allegro”

O’ Nantucket, Mass

I first laid me eyes

On that fair- flippered lass


I was standin’ me watch

In the dead o’ the night

When she rose from the sea

With a phosphoric light


‘Twas a vision in beauty

A sailor’s true wish

The North of her, woman

The South of her, fish


Her hair was of seaweed

And it bobbed to ‘n fro

As her scales softly shone

In the moon’s silver glow


With songs of a siren

To her pearl covered bed

She wooed me, seduced me

And then we was wed


We was married by Neptune

The seafarer’s God

Me groomsmen was mack’rel

The bridesmaids was cod


Then its two years ‘n twenty

Of marital bliss

At least so’s I thought

‘Til she hits me with this:


“I’m leavin’,” says she

“With a dolphin named Dan

Ain’t I don’t love you

He’s just more of a man”


“He’s slicker ‘n thicker

And slow where you’re quicker

A flick of his fluke

And my flame’s all a’ flicker “


Then with nary a wave

And just barely a splash

She swam to her beau

And was gone in a flash


Now, I sits on the beach

Just a’ watchin’ the tide

And mourns o’er the loss

O’ my sweet mermaid bride


Just Add Water

April 29, 2012 12 comments

This post is linked to The Mag prompt #115 which is the image above



She bought him in a pet shop for a dollar and a quarter

The lady at the counter said “It says here just add water

Then fertilize and nurture him and grow your perfect man

But it comes with this disclaimer: Most aren’t worth a damn”

Performance Anxiety

April 22, 2012 19 comments


This post is linked to The Mag prompt #114 which is the image above.


What joy! At Last! An honorarium!

To read my verse at the aquarium

What angst! What pain! My poems stank!

The performance ended in the tank.




April 15, 2012 14 comments

This poem is in response to The Mag’s prompt 113 which is the Chagall image above



Said the painter to the poet

“There’s something to be said

For all the palette colors

But you can’t go wrong with red”


Said the poet to the painter

“Your advice is very sage

I find it is the humble words

That better suit the page”

Blue Lady Blues

May 23, 2011 31 comments

This post is in response to MagpieTales prompt #67 which is the image above.



I’m through with on-line dating

It always ends a mess

I can’t believe I wasted

Ninety dollars on this dress

His profile: Young and handsome

But he turns out old and fat

His clothes are so last century

Dude, please lose the hat

He takes me to a sports bar

To watch football on the tube

Then he brings a friend along

Can you believe this rube?

The loser with that awful lute

Is really bugging me

Strum the freaking strings, you creep

And not my freaking knee

I’ll grit my teeth and muddle through

Nothing rude or brash

But first thing in the morning

The computer’s in the trash!



Dove, Anyone?

May 9, 2011 49 comments

This poem is in response to Magpie Tales prompt #65 which is the image above.



If a bird in the hand

Is worth two in the bush

Then these two in my hand are ideal

Because two hand the hand

Are worth four in the bush

That makes six and a pretty good meal!

I’m Not Afraid

May 2, 2011 37 comments

Linked to  The Purple Tree House . Vb



I’m not afraid of kitty cats

With nasty little claws

I’m not afraid of growling dogs

And slashing, gnashing jaws

I’m not afraid of bully boys

Or wriggly, jiggly snakes

And those itsy bitsy spiders

Do not give me the shakes

But little girls with pretty curls

Can make me blush and sweat

My dad says, “Son, it’s just begun

You ain’t seen nothing yet!”