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February 21, 2016 Leave a comment



Of all the frights I’ve had in life

There’s none unnerved me worse

Than that dreadful night of terror

That I heard the mummy’s curse


While in the Pharaoh’s pyramid

With only candlelight

I happened on an ancient scroll

Wrapped in a bundle tight


Then I read with trepidation

Its hieroglyphic verse:

“Beware, O foul defiler, now

You’ll hear the mummy’s curse!”


Then from a stone sarcophagus

Against a darkened wall

Emerged a fearsome mummy

Who stood immensely tall


Wrapped head to toe in linen

Hate blazing from its eyes

It stalked me like a tiger

As I whimpered wretched cries


It backed me to a corner

Then things went from bad to worse

As to my utter horror

I heard the mummy curse


“You mother-bleeping robber

You thieving sack of bleep

How dare disturb my Pharaoh

In his everlasting sleep”


“Be gone you bleeping infidel

And mark my words with dread

If you show your worthless bleep again

And I’ll crush you bleeping head!”


Then to its stone sarcophagus

It shuffled in reverse

No, I’ll not soon forget the night

I heard the mummy curse!

The Wart On Jenny’s Nose

June 7, 2011 38 comments


The female form is glorified in written word and song

From gently curving bosoms to legs so lithe and long

Yet, of all the charms appealing from tresses down to toes

There’s none that strike my fancy like the wart on Jenny’s nose


Resting on the very tip for all the world to see

It runs from brown to purple and is textured like a pea

Perched upon the precipice as if about to fall

It makes her look quite like a seal who’s balancing a ball


She doesn’t try to hide it and she won’t have it removed

She says it makes her special and I think her point’s been proved

It whispers not of vanity, but screams of depth within

Perfection’s not a virtue, nor is a flaw a sin


If beauty really rests within each beholder’s eye

Then we needn’t all appear the same and shouldn’t even try

True beauty’s point and counterpoint…thorns enhance the rose

And nothing’s as beguiling as the wart on Jenny’s nose


This poem is linked to One Stop Poetry.

Blue Lady Blues

May 23, 2011 31 comments

This post is in response to MagpieTales prompt #67 which is the image above.



I’m through with on-line dating

It always ends a mess

I can’t believe I wasted

Ninety dollars on this dress

His profile: Young and handsome

But he turns out old and fat

His clothes are so last century

Dude, please lose the hat

He takes me to a sports bar

To watch football on the tube

Then he brings a friend along

Can you believe this rube?

The loser with that awful lute

Is really bugging me

Strum the freaking strings, you creep

And not my freaking knee

I’ll grit my teeth and muddle through

Nothing rude or brash

But first thing in the morning

The computer’s in the trash!



A Jog In The Rain

March 5, 2011 9 comments

In response to Lot’s of Laughter prompt “Rain.”


There once was a jogger named Jane

Who ran in the buff in the rain

“The more that it trickles

The more that it tickles

And the gentlemen rarely complain”

A Life Gone Sour

March 1, 2011 13 comments

Magpie Tales posts a weekly prompt to stimulate the creative process.  Check it out…it’s fun.  Anyway, the photo above is this week’s prompt.  Here’s is my take on it.

I came upon a lemon

That lay bleeding in the sun

“I’ve lost my zest for living

Stick a fork in me…I’m done”

Dangerous Ducks

March 1, 2011 19 comments
I wonder where the ducks go
When the sun goes down at night
Its quack and waddle all day long
While plainly in our sight


They paddle gaily ’round the pond
While always in our view
As if they need an alibi
For what they plan to do


But when it’s dark they disappear
And who knows where they go
I’m sure they must be somewhere
Ah, but where I’d like to know


We know that rabbits burrow
And the wrens head to their nest
But where the ducks go still remains
A mystery at best


Do they check into a cheap motel
And play the TV loud?
Or put on leather jackets
And run with a rowdy crowd?


Do they smoke and drink and party
And hang in sleazy bars?
Or terrorize their neighbors
Stealing hubcaps off of cars?


Go on and laugh, if you see fit
That’s certainly your right
It is, that is, if you know where
The ducks go every night!

This poem is linked to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry and Jingle Poetry and Purple Tree House

War of Words

February 22, 2011 16 comments

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep the peace among the elements in a line.

My verb and object disagreed
It was a heated fight
I tried my best to mediate
But couldn’t make it right

The harshest struggles in a line
Are often intramural
The verb, you see, was singular
The object being plural

And so I sought an adjective
To help diffuse the fray
“I modify, not mollify”
Was all it had to say

This poem linked to Poets United.